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Welcome to H & H Ranch, your home for fun in Houston, Texas!

Treat your group to the best recreational facilities and activities for miles around.

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The above picture of The Ranch was taken circa 1946

It is with a very heavy heart that we announce the closing of H&H Ranch

After 69 years of hosting Houston's best company picnics, family reunions, school picnics and wedding receptions we will be closing permanently on 11/1.  The Drummet family started the Ranch back in 1946 and still retains ownership of the land. Unfortunately the family decided to sell the land for commercial development.  We will still be hosting events through October 31st and look forward to providing our guests with the great service they have come to expect at The Ranch.  H&H Ranch has been a part of the history of Houston and we thank you all for your patronage througout the years.